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  • R.S.L. No.1 Tourney

    R.S.L. No.1 Tourney

    Matchplay 1st grade selected goose feather shuttlecock. Manufactured to the highest specification ensuring the correct speed and stable flight allied to very good durability. Used by almost every international tournament during the past 85 years.

    Speeds: 77/78/79

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  • R.S.L. No.2 Tourney

    R.S.L. No.2 Tourney

    Manufactured using 1st grade goose feathers rejected for use in the No.1 due to small cosmetic blemishes. Good flight, speed and durability, a county standard shuttle which represents very good value.

    Speeds: 77/78/79

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  • R.S.L. No.3 Tourney

    R.S.L. No.3 Tourney

    A 2nd grade goose feather shuttlecock tested for accurate speed and flight, ideal for club play. Considered to be one of the most durable shuttlecocks in its class.

    Speeds: 77/78/79

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  • R.S.L. No.4 Tourney

    R.S.L. No.4 Tourney

    1st grade Duck feather which is tested for speed and stable flight. Good performance at an economic price.

    Speed: 78 only

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  • R.S.L. Championship Nylon

    R.S.L. Championship Nylon

    A British made cork based nylon shuttlecock with good flight and durability. Very popular with clubs, schools and leisure centres plus low direct from the factory prices.

    Speeds: Slow - Medium - Fast

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